Evangelistria - Vigla (1443m)

Moonlight hiking
Panoramic view
Visit the top of Samos

Starting time: 04:30 (from 16 June to 15 September)
Total duration: 8 hours
Activity duration: 6h
Difficulty: Difficult
Minimum participants: 2

Route description:
We arrive by car at the beginning of the trail, that leads to the Evangelistria monastery dated back to the 10th century. The view from the monastery is panoramic and you can see across the sea to the Turkish coast. We continue on the trail through the woods until we enter the alpine zone. There the scenery changes a lot and we can see the different undergrowth of Kerkis mountain. We have a break for a snack at the chapel just an hour from the top. On the top the view is amazing during the sunrise. If the weather permits we will be able to see as far as the cretan mountains. We take the way back, enjoying the sun rays of the dawn.

Daily Excursion
Guiding by 2 local guides
Head lamp
50 €
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