Hiking around Kokkari & Aghios Konstantinos

Visit the traditional mountain villages
Know the local herbs
Experience the nature of Samos

Starting point: ?
Starting time: 08:15
Total duration: 8 hours
Activity duration: 3h45’
Difficulty: Easy - Moderate
Minimum participants: 2

Route description:

The island of Samos is well known for the traditional mountain villages. Surrounded by mountain vineyards, these villages kept their architecture untouched and offer the visitor a unique experience of how the settlements of the island used to be. There are multiple trails in the area. You can choose among the four we suggest and follow us through the paths that were used for many year from people to travel between the villages. The paths are stone paved and of great natural beauty.

There are 4 different hiking routes:

  • Platanakia - Vourliotes - Kokkari
  • Platanakia - Manolates - Vourliotes - Platanakia
  • Ano Ag. Konstantinos - Ampelos - Manolates - Platanakia
  • Kokkari - Moni Vronta - Vourliotes - Pnaka - Avlakia



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