Hiking to the top of Samos

Moonlight hiking (from mid-June to September)

Starting point: Port of Karlovasi
Starting time: 08:15 (until 15 June) & 00:30 (from 16 June to 15 September)
Total duration: 8 hours
Activity duration: 6h
Difficulty: Difficult
Minimum participants: 2

Route description:

Starting from the mountain village Kosmadei we head to the highest point of the island, the summit of mount Kerkis - Vigla (1433m). The terrain is quite rocky and the route is physically demanding but not technically. The stops are sufficient so that everyone can keep up. The view from most points of the route is amazing. During a good day the neighboring islands are visible and when the weather is clear one can see as far as the mountains of Crete.

From mid-June to 15 September, the hike starts at night so that we hike under the starry sky and in order to avoid the heat during the noon. After enjoying the sunrise at the top, we take the way back to the village we started.
* all participants are required to wear hiking shoes in order to avoid injuries.

Reservations should be at least 12 hours before the tour, in one of the following ways:

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Special prices for groups.

Some tours may take place out of the scheduled dates, so if you want a specific tour another day, please contact us.


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