Visit to the cave of Pythagoras

Panoramic view
Easy hike

Starting point: ?
Starting time: 08:15
Total duration: 8 hours
Activity duration: 3h45’
Difficulty: Easy
Minimum participants: 2

Route description:

We start from the sea and hike up to the cave where the famous philosopher and mathematician lived before leaving the island. The cave is located up on the mountain in a secluded location. The view from there is panoramic to the area of Marathokampos and the nearby islands, if the weather permits.

* all participants are required to wear hiking shoes in order to avoid injuries.



Reservations should be at least 12 hours before the tour, in one of the following ways:

 Hotel Reception | Email us | Calling us

 Special prices for groups

 Some tours may take place out of the scheduled dates, so if you want a specific tour another day, please contact us.


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