Weight Loss Camp

Pleasant outdoor activities
Seminars on how to improve your way of life
Mediterranean diet adapted to your needs
Consultation during and after the camp

Samos is an island gifted with natural beauty. A place, ideal for those who seek peace and balance in their lives. Hiking paths, gorges, caves and beautiful beaches offer you a great opportunity to explore and even broaden your limits. In contact with nature, various activities, help you become more active, lose some weight and become healthier.

The weather in Samos is excellent for camps due to the numerous days with sunshine all year round. We have chosen the best seasons for visiting the island and having outdoor activities, as well as avoiding the summer tourists.



  1. Have a good time.
  2. Reduce stress levels.
  3. Build self esteem, and gain confidence in your abilities.
  4. Improve your health.
  5. Learn to make healthy lifestyle choices and to love being active.
  6. Learn what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat & how to control your weight.
  7. Increase your fitness and well-being levels.
  8. Weight loss - drop body fat.
  9. Find a long term solution for a lifelong problem.


Samos provide us an incredible range of activities while having mild mediterranean weather. Activities such as hiking, swimming, cycling are performed outdoors and others such as dancing, aerobics, yoga, zumba are indoor activities. The workouts are enjoyable, challenging and different each day, so that you have the feeling of an active vacation. Many workouts combining physical activity with sightseeing through picturesque traditional villages and natural reserves, or monuments.


The accommodation is arranged at Villa Eva. Situated in a verdant location by the sea, in the foots of the mountain. The nearest town is Karlovasi, located 5 km (about 6 minutes by car) so the location is peaceful and private.
The rooms have wifi internet connection so that you can stay in touch with your friends and family at all times, while gazing the view of the sea out of your window.
The activities and seminars hall is spacious, with view to the sea and equipped with jacuzzi where you can relax at all times.


The food is carefully prepared with local organic products. The portions are perfectly calculated, based on your personal measurements (body fat measurement, basic metabolic rate). Meals are based on mediterranean cuisine, known for the variety of flavours and the longevity that offers. The famous wine of Samos accompanies the meals as well as beverages made with local herbs.
The results of this diet are visible even over a brief time. It boosts the metabolism as well as the levels of energy, so that you feel more light and active than before, promoting your desire to work out.

The menu of a typical day (portions and kind of food are based on the person’s needs and preferences)

Breakfast muesli, cereals, milk, cheese, yogurt, whole wheat bread, house jam, honney, fresh fruits.
Brunch healthy snack with fruits or nuts.
Lunch roasted or boiled meat / fish / legume with salad or other appetizers.
Evening snack healthy light snack.
Dinner roasted or boiled meat / fish / legume with salad or other appetizers.

Selection of warm or cold beverages are available at all times.


Personal contact with a personal trainer and dietitian.

Daily nutrition programme, based on the individual measurements of body composition and metabolism.

Variety of weight loss activities, tailored to meet the fitness level and goals of each participant.

Culinary and nutrition seminars.

Help to determine what behavioral and / or emotional problems may be the underlying cause for obesity.

6 month post programme support and coaching (telephone / email support)


A typical day

8:00 The day starts with beverage with local herbs that will help you feel awake.
8:30 Mild physical activity (yoga, coastal hike, …)
9:30 Breakfast with local organic products
10:30 Workshops & seminars
12:30 Physical activity (dance class, swimming, cycling, gym)
14:00 Lunch & Time for relaxation
18:00 Evening activity (aerobics, body toning, zumba, pilates)
20:30 Dinner & Discussion and group games with the team.
14 Days
Traditional breakfast
Lunch / Dinner
Brunch / Snack
Consultation & Support
All necessary equipment
Samos airport transfers
Post camp support
0 €
Single room
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