Why should you visit Samos?

Because of...

  • its magnificent beaches.
  • its dense forests await you to explore them.
  • its countless trails that lead up to one of the highest peaks of Aegean or to beautiful secluded beaches.
  • its famous local products, wine, honey, olive oil, souma, ouzo.
  • its heritage. Samos is known as the island of Pythagoras and the temple of Hera (one of the greatest ancient monuments).
  • its cultural festivals. Movies, theater and of course music festivals all year round.
  • its traditional feasts with lots of local specialities and wine.
  • its wildlife. Chameleons, flamingos, turtles, hares, hedgehogs, black pines, herbs, orchids.
  • its welcome and kind people.
  • its quiet spots for those who enjoy silence and its live places for those who enjoy cosmopolitan nights.
  • its mediterranean climate. The sun shines all year round and the temperature allows activities most of the days, even during the winter.

Everyone has his own reasons to come to Samos...

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